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Solar Electricity
Clean, green electricity for all the electrical appliances in your home or business.
Whole Energy Solar designs, installs, and provides consulting on solar electric systems for residential, commercial and community clients. Whole Energy Solar's two founding principals were among the first group of 50 people to achieve the North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners - NABCEP PV installers certification in 2003.

Solar Heating
Hot water heated by the sun every day. Reduce space heating bills with active solar heating.
Whole Energy Solar designs and installs solar water heating systems. We will also design and install solar space heating systems to reduce heating bills by supplementing principal boiler or furnace-based heating. We work with our affiliated heating contractor or the heating contractor on your project to integrate the solar heating system with the rest of the building heating.

Passive Solar
Heating and cooling through good design. The biggest impact on utility costs and comfort.
Whole Energy Solar is a big fan of the two best investments for reducing energy consumption:

  1. Energy conservation - reducing your use is the biggest bang for your buck.
  2. Passive Solar Design - of your solar energy options, this has the biggest impact on utility costs and comfort.

Whole Energy Solar can work with your project architect to review or implement good passive solar design. We also can bring in our affiliated passive solar design firm (Rebecca F. Bundy, Design for Sustainable Living) to help clients realize beautiful, efficient and comfortable buildings.

Wind and Micro Hydro
If you have the resource, small wind and micro hydro are great renewable energy sources. Hybrid systems can make perfect complements to solar.

Whole Energy Solar provides consulting, design, and installation of small wind and micro-hydro energy systems.

Whole Energy Solar's sister company Whole Water Systems, LLC - designs and installs sustainable water treatment systems for homes, commercial buildings and communities, specializing in constructed wetlands technology.


Renewable Energy Solutions
for Home, Business, Communities, and Resorts